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I made a trip to Portland last week for work. We recently added Stumptown to our already impressive line up (Madcap, Intelligentsia, Counter Culture, Verve), so I went for a visit to meet the crew, tour their facilities, do some small training sessions and to take a coffee tour. In the short time I was there I was able to make it to about 10 cafes (Barista, Heart, Coava, the Stumptown shops and others), do a few cuppings and enjoy the city. I stayed at the Ace Hotel, which was ridiculous, and I loved it. I ate a maple bacon donut, and I drank some great beer and cocktails. The weather was unseasonably perfect. I wish I could have stayed longer, and gone for a bike ride. Next time I visit, it will be for fun, and not so much work. 

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